TRICAT is a leading supplier of catalyst services and products to the petroleum refining and petrochemical processing industries. TRICAT’s mission is to provide superior value-added, top-quality catalyst services and products that consistently meet or exceed expectations. The TRICAT team is knowledgeable, hardworking, dependable, and experienced in providing ‘turn key’ logistics management to & from any location.

TRICAT prides itself on taking the burden of catalyst management away from refiners so that they can get back to supplying the world with the fuels it needs.

TRICAT offers environmentally friendly catalyst solutions in its Regeneration services, Rejuvenation services, Resale catalysts, Guardian™ active bed-guard produc ts, topping s & supports.

TRICAT is also a premier supplier of specialty zeolites and molecular sieves. Overall, we source from 11 different manufacturing plants in 5 countries. TRICAT can also assemble your customized zeolite catalyst in our own catalyst manufacturing plants.

TRICAT manufactures or maintains multiple sources for all common catalyst intermediates which we can assemble at one of our plants into finished catalysts according to your needs.  We also maintain laboratories and pilot plants for small-lot development or proof-of-concept samples for your technology.

Catalyst Products Guardian Active Grading Materials

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